Lakefront Psychology

Lakefront Psychology, LLC is a private mental health practice offering expert professional care to adults seeking greater emotional wellness and relationship fulfillment. 


Treatment focuses on helping people better manage stress, anxiety, depression, postpartum challenges, grief, major life transitions, chronic health concerns, and relationship issues.

Interventions are individualized to each person’s presenting concerns, personal style, and belief system.  The goal is to help you achieve your goals.

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Suzanne Smith, PhD

I am the sole owner of Lakefront Psychology and bring my 15 years of advanced training and clinical experience to my work. My mission is to provide exceptional care that helps you become your best self.


What to Expect: Coming to therapy is often a step outside your comfort zone. Many people are nervous about the first session and uncertain about how this experience will feel. As psychologists, we believe it is our responsibility to create a comfortable, non-judgemental atmosphere so you can begin opening up and developing trust. Many people are surprised by how much therapy feels like a conversation, a collaboration. Feeling as though we can work effectively together is really the key to begin making changes. We aim to provide expert guidance as we walk along side you with compassion and support.


The first appointment is an opportunity for your provider to get to know you and your concerns. She will ask questions that help her understand your strengths, challenges, and goals. She will assess for specific mental health diagnoses along with social concerns. This is an interactive conversation where both patient and provider begin developing a degree of comfort with one another. As you walk out of this first appointment we aim for you to feel like your provider understands your concerns, has the expertise to help you toward your goals, and offers hope for change.


The approach to individual therapy utilized at Lakefront Psychology, LLC is based on research supported interventions for a variety of emotional and social concerns. Your provider will often combine different treatment interventions to best meet your complex concerns and needs. Treatment is always personalized and flexible, depending on your presenting concerns, personal style, and belief system. We highly value providing a range of specific strategies to help you manage the concerns that brought you to treatment. We want to help you choose the set of strategies that work best for you.


Couples therapy at Lakefront Psychology utilizes the Gottman Method of assessing and understanding each couple's unique dynamics in order to build on their strengths. Most couples seeking therapy have experienced a great deal of hurt and are unsure how to resolve their pain or if healing is even possible. In my experience, most couples have the potential to have more peaceful, productive conversations so that they can understand each other's perspective and work together as a team again.


Women are faced with a great number of challenges as they embark on the process of becoming pregnant, carrying pregnancies to term, delivery, and the postpartum adjustments. Often this process does not go according to plan and may included losses, worries, and unanticipated medical interventions. So many women experience these unexpected challenges along the way yet find themselves struggling alone or in silence. Trained as caretakers, it is often difficult for women to allow ourselves to receive care.


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