Jennifer Knetig, Ph.D.

I am an associate provider at Lakefront Psychology, LLC and a licensed Clinical Psychologist with advanced specialized training and experience treating women in particular.

My work focuses upon a number of issues women encounter in their daily lives, including stress, anxiety, and depression management, building self-esteem, and improving relationships.

I enjoy working with patients to increase the satisfaction they are getting from their lives, including deepening connections with family and friends, increasing their effectiveness at work, and getting more from their relationships.

Many find it helpful to examine how they set and maintain boundaries, how they find balance serving others AND themselves, and increasing their sense of personal power and freedom.

Additionally, I have advanced training in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I have significant experience working  with survivors of childhood abuse, sexual trauma,  and intimate partner violence. In this role, my mission is to create a safe space for patients to engage in healing from within an empirically based framework. Informed by the science in the field, I work with women to increase their own experience of emotional and physical safety, to further develop a practice of self care, and to learn how to engage more in their lives with flexibility and freedom.

I have specialized training in trauma and PTSD interventions, and incorporate a stage based model of recovery into my psychotherapy. This model is grounded in a client centered approach. As such, when beginning therapy we will identify what is interfering with your life right now, identify what you want to bring into your life right now, and immediately begin working on those goals. I have found that supporting women in improving their self esteem, sense of personal power, and autonomy is often helpful in creating more safety and freedom in their lives.


  • MA in Counseling Psychology from Chapman University in 1999
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Graduate University in 2012
  • Postdoctoral Residency in PTSD from Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC in 2013
  • Certified Provided in Cognitive Processing Therapy
  • Specialized Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Radically Open Behavior Therapy
  • Trained in Warrior 2 Soulmate- an enrichment for couples

I have lived in Cleveland for 8 years, and have have fallen in love with it! As my “adopted homeland,” I continue to explore and relish all the area has to offer, including the art scene, the endless opportunities to be in nature, and the fabulous food! As a former military spouse I have lived by the motto, “bloom where you are planted,” and I have found it quite easy to bloom in Cleveland. I have two wonderful daughters and a sassy cat, and we treasure being together.