Couples therapy at Lakefront Psychology utilizes the Gottman Method of assessing and understanding each couple’s unique dynamics in order to build on their strengths.
Most couples seeking therapy have experienced a great deal of hurt and are unsure how to resolve their pain or if healing is even possible.  In my experience, most couples have the potential to have more peaceful, productive conversations so that they can understand each other’s perspective and work together as a team again.

Benefits of Gottman Method Couples Therapy:
   – Learn the skills to resolve conflicts more productively and with greater compassion
   – Improve communication skills so that both people feel heard and understood
   – Develop tools to manage intense emotions more effectively
   – Build friendship, romance, and intimacy so you feel more connected

I have chosen this specific therapeutic intervention based on the vast research the Gottman Institute has conducted to determine what makes relationships thrive and what leads to struggling. 
Therapy begins with a thorough assessment process to best understand the strengths and struggles in your relationship.  We begin with a 90 minute consultation with both partners and follow this with individual assessments you complete online through The Gottman Institute.  Each person also meets with me individually for a 60 minute assessment session before we return altogether for the feedback session. 
Together we determine the direction of couples therapy and I provide the tools for you to begin making healthy changes.