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This blog is designed to share my expertise about issues related to mental health, perinatal issues, relationships, wellness, and parenting.  I choose my topics based on the common concerns I hear in the therapy office as well as the broader community.  I hope these blog posts help you understand yourself and the people you love better and perhaps teach a few new skills that help you experience greater wellness.

A Mother’s Day Call for Moms to Create a Self-Nurturing Practice

Mother’s Day is a holiday meant to honor and celebrate motherhood.  It’s supposed to be an opportunity to shower moms ...
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covid vaccine stress

Unexpected Stress of Adjusting to Life After the COVID-19 Vaccine

Many people have excitedly awaited the COVID-19 vaccine as a step toward feeling protected and safer to return to a ...
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embracing highly sensitive person

Understanding & Embracing Yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person

Many highly sensitive people struggle to understand and accept this part of themselves. They tend to undervalue the positive aspects ...
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emotional avoidance

Why We Avoid Feelings & How it Hurts Us

Emotions are running high these days.  It can feel like a rollercoaster with quick shifts and sudden drops that turn your stomach.  Other ...
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couple support

Boost Emotional Security in Romantic Relationships: Strategies to Work Through Big Emotions Together

We all want to feel safe and loved in our relationships. We want to feel free to share our deepest ...
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letting go, stress coping

Letting Go & Doing Less: A Different Approach to Manage Chronic Stress Related to COVID-19

Coping with chronic stress doesn’t mean you need to add more to your life: more self-care activities, more responsibilities, more ...
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