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This blog is designed to share my expertise about issues related to mental health, perinatal issues, relationships, wellness, and parenting.  I choose my topics based on the common concerns I hear in the therapy office as well as the broader community.  I hope these blog posts help you understand yourself and the people you love better and perhaps teach a few new skills that help you experience greater wellness.

thank you letter

A Letter of Gratitude to Lakefront Psychology Patients

Lakefront Psychology, LLC is celebrating five years providing expert care with compassion. It's an honor to serve the mental health ...
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relaxed parenting

Self-Care Strategies to Reduce Anxiety & Increase Enjoyment in Parenting

A client recently shared that listening to podcasts always results in more anxiety for her because she feels there’s so ...
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calm, stress, rejuvenate

Reclaiming Your Time to Restore Your Energy & Relax

So many of us feel like we simply have no time and no energy left for ourselves. Our days feel ...
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No Surprises Act Notice

This is a message to current and potential future patients. Congress recently enacted a "No Surprises Act" set to go ...
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Strategies to Manage Parental Burnout – Part 2

“I love my kids, but I just need a break.” This is the refrain I hear from dedicated, loving parents ...
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