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This blog is designed to share my expertise about issues related to mental health, perinatal issues, relationships, wellness, and parenting.  I choose my topics based on the common concerns I hear in the therapy office as well as the broader community.  I hope these blog posts help you understand yourself and the people you love better and perhaps teach a few new skills that help you experience greater wellness.

letting go, stress coping

Letting Go & Doing Less: A Different Approach to Manage Chronic Stress Related to COVID-19

Coping with chronic stress doesn’t mean you need to add more to your life: more self-care activities, more responsibilities, more ...
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social distancing

Coping Advice from a Psychologist During COVID-19 Social Distancing

After two weeks of psychotherapy sessions largely focused on how to cope with the impact COVID-19 has had on our ...
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Stopping the Cycle of Negative Self-Talk for Good: It’s Time to Reclaim Self-Worth

Most of us are extremely hard on ourselves.  In the privacy of our inner thoughts, we spend a lot of ...
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overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed

You are Not Cinderella and There is No Ball: Stop Being a Slave to Your To Do List

Are your to do lists robbing you of joy?  Do you give yourself permission to rest and feel satisfied only ...
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mom rage and grief

Understanding Mom Rage and the Deep Grief Beneath it

Mom rage is something no one really wants to talk about. It defies our notions of what motherhood should look ...
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What Makes Psychotherapy Work?

Have you ever wondered how psychotherapy works? What makes it different from talking to a trusted friend or family member? ...
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