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Many people have excitedly awaited the COVID-19 vaccine as a step toward feeling protected and safer to return to a life that looks a bit more “normal.”  The idea of getting vaccinated to prevent serious illness and death from this virus holds great promise as a relief from so much stress and worry of the past year.  Yet many people are experiencing a new kind of stress after receiving the[…]

Are you longing for more joy in your life?  Joy that comes in waves and sustains you even during difficult times?  This kind of joy could be within your reach.  And you won’t find it by having an impressive career, filling a large bank account, raising successful kids, working out to physical perfection, or even surrounding yourself with lots of people. A joyful life is rooted in a practice of[…]

If you find yourself drowning is a sea of responsibilities, feeling weighed down by constant exhaustion and overwhelming busyness, you are not alone.  Many Americans are reporting a drop in energy as stress levels rise.  We are juggling multiple roles and demands for our energy.  The fact is that your energy (including physical, emotional, and mental reserve) is a finite resource that must be renewed regularly.  We have to honor[…]

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Written by Drs. Carrie King & Suzanne Smith Women Who Struggle With Body Image Learn These Messages Early in Life My mother was always on a diet and complaining about how big she got after having us kids. My grandmother always pushed me to, “Eat! Eat!” and then spent dinner talking about my “fat” cousin Tali. My father wouldn’t buy me a bikini at age 5, and I knew why.[…]

Are you among the majority of Americans feeling more stressed than ever?  Chronic stress has been a public health crisis for many years in the United States and the recent American Psychological Association’s annual survey reveals that it is only getting worse.  In fact, most Americans (63%) report moderate to severe stress levels in the past year. The top stressors people identified were: Money – 75% Work – 70% Economy[…]

Many people come to my office looking to “fix” themselves. They seek a change that will somehow bring them a sense of happiness or wholeness. They often have already worked hard to escape their anxiety or depression to beat their bodies into shape to transform their relationships or throw themselves into one project after another. Yet they inevitably find that all this effort has left them feeling disappointed and empty.[…]