thank you letter

Lakefront Psychology, LLC is celebrating five years providing expert care with compassion. It’s an honor to serve the mental health needs of our community and be a trusted resource during difficult times. I want to take this opportunity to share a personal message of gratitude to all the individuals I’ve had the opportunity to work with these past few years. As a psychotherapist, I don’t often talk about how this[…]

relaxed parenting

A client recently shared that listening to podcasts always results in more anxiety for her because she feels there’s so much to learn and so much to do “right.” The burden to cultivate humans who survive their adolescence, care about themselves, others, their planet, nutrition, exercise, science, the arts, and the dog’s bathroom needs  at the same time I’m cooking dinner after soccer practice and before piano lessons is…heavy.  Parenting[…]

emotions, explostions, self-soothing

We all have moments when we lose our cool. It’s the end of a long, tiring day, and when your kids won’t cooperate with the bedtime routine, you find yourself yelling and slamming doors.  Or maybe you’re keyed up watching your favorite sports team, and when they get a bad call by the ref, you throw your phone to the ground and shatter the screen.  This is what we call[…]

calm, stress, rejuvenate

So many of us feel like we simply have no time and no energy left for ourselves.  Our days feel full of endless responsibilities and chores.  We grind through the to do list each day, often multitasking to maximize efficiency.  Then we crash in the evening from sheer exhaustion only to wake up and begin the process all over again the next day.  This endless cycle inevitably leads to burnout. […]

This is a message to current and potential future patients. Congress recently enacted a “No Surprises Act” set to go into effect 1/1/2022. The act is intended to protect consumers from inadvertently receiving care from out of network providers they did not choose and thereby incurring unexpected medical bills. More information on the implementation of this federal act is available through the link below. There is great discussion and[…]

“I love my kids, but I just need a break.”  This is the refrain I hear from dedicated, loving parents over and over again this past year.  It’s often said with a hint of shame for feeling so frustrated and fed up with the constant demands of parenting.  We live in a society that says we should love our kids unconditionally, and if we’re frustrated or annoyed by them, then[…]

parenting, burnout, stress, exhaustion

You’re not imagining it.  Parental burnout is worse than ever these days.  It’s that feeling like you just can’t keep it all together, let alone get one step ahead of the chaos.  It’s that sense that you’re juggling a set of plates while walking a tightrope as someone keeps lobbing water balloons at you.  And it may explain why you utterly exhausted and you find yourself snapping at the slightest[…]

Mother’s Day is a holiday meant to honor and celebrate motherhood.  It’s supposed to be an opportunity to shower moms with signs of appreciation and love.  Yet many mothers find ourselves working as hard as ever on this holiday, hosting events and accommodating everyone else’s schedules and needs.  We expect moms to do it all, all the time, for everyone else without having needs of our own.  It should be[…]

covid vaccine stress

Many people have excitedly awaited the COVID-19 vaccine as a step toward feeling protected and safer to return to a life that looks a bit more “normal.”  The idea of getting vaccinated to prevent serious illness and death from this virus holds great promise as a relief from so much stress and worry of the past year.  Yet many people are experiencing a new kind of stress after receiving the[…]

embracing highly sensitive person

Many highly sensitive people struggle to understand and accept this part of themselves. They tend to undervalue the positive aspects of this sensitivity and instead keep wishing to be less emotional, less reactive, less hurt.  Learning to understand and embrace your highly sensitive self is the key to emotional freedom.  When we befriend this part of who we are, we can feel so much better about ourselves, our relationships, and our world.  Understanding the Highly[…]