No Surprises Act Notice

This is a message to current and potential future patients.

Congress recently enacted a “No Surprises Act” set to go into effect 1/1/2022. The act is intended to protect consumers from inadvertently receiving care from out of network providers they did not choose and thereby incurring unexpected medical bills. More information on the implementation of this federal act is available through the link below.

There is great discussion and debate regarding how to best apply this act to private practice mental health providers. Given the ethics of my profession and my practice, there will be no situation in which you would inadvertently receive care from me without choice. All patients are given informed consent and practice agreement information prior to beginning our work together. And we agree upon the cost of services prior to scheduling our first session.

I am out of network for all but one insurance company, Medical Mutual of Ohio. However, even some people with this insurance carrier choose to pay out of network providers for service for a variety of reasons, including privacy.

If we currently work together, you are already aware of my charges and the cost for your services. We collaboratively determine the frequency and duration of our work based on your progress and goals. If you are someone considering working with me, I am happy to provide information regarding the costs of my evaluations and treatment services. Current information on the No Surpises Act indicates I should provide you with a diagnosis before we even meet, which would be both unethical and impossible without a thorough evaluation.

Rest assured I will always be transparent with you about the costs of services we agree upon together. This transparency is required by the ethical standards I have abided by for the past 19 years I have held my license in psychology. And it is part of a trusting relationship required for good therapeutic work.

You are always welcome to ask me about the costs of my services if you have any questions or concerns.

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